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if you listen really closely after someone says that people died because ‘romeo and juliet were stupid hormonal teenagers’ you can hear shakespeare’s ghost scream noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo motherfuckers. 

ive been meaning to point this out for a while now but kept forgetting; in snk, just because a titan shifter is injured doesnt mean theyll automatically poof into said titan. the same goes for eren. the drive to transform has to be there as well.

otherwise, when reiner was bit by a titan in castle utgard, hed have changed then and there but he obviously doesnt. in fact, he leaves the wound be and allows krista to wrap it for him—so that its still intact even when he takes the bandages off in front of eren. only then does he let his arm heal; they have control over their own bodies guys… lol

not to mention having mikasas blade cut off one of his hands and get her other blade lodged halfway up the other arm. bertholdt took a huge slice to the neck as well and stayed human for a few moments.


no touch the Bert

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白い鷹 | nike [pixiv] 

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i bought a tiger backpack yesterday TuT

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金髪ハーレム本 by きょーすけ

Source has sample pages from this AU fanbook.